Born in Nantes, France, I’m a beauty photographer now based in Paris. Beside my beauty and commercial work, I also realize more personal projects regularly. I’ve been working for the last three years on the photographic possibilities that science fiction offers, as much from a narrative standpoint as for its anticipations of the future (environmental disasters, encounters, scientific developments…).

I don’t believe in a universal real. I’m trying to represent mystery and to understand what’s happening in an image. The representation of the unreal is really important for me : the matter that surrounds us and what it may contain, that can’t be grasp, nor seen. All these possibilities are several directions that narrative can follow, suggesting to the viewers multiple feasible endings to the stories that were told to him.

I’m cofounder of Les Acanthes, a collective of six photographers working on onirism, worlds phenomena, and narration.


  • Confinement: virtual exhibition with the collective Les Acanthes (april 2020)
  • School kids : collective exhibition at the Fisheye Gallery in Paris, France (november 2019)
  • Promenades photographiques de Vendôme : collective exhibition with the international student campus (summer 2018)
  • Bois Charmant: collective exhibition as part of a franco-lebanese student residency near Rochefort (may 2018) then at the French Institute in Beyrouth, Lebanon (october 2018)
  • Verdun, objet de mémoire : collective exhibition at the Lyon third arrondissement town hall, France (september 2015)

Professional experiences:

  • Denis Rouvre (Paris) : photographer’s 3rd assistant, portraits for advertising
  • Mylène Rouveure (Paris): photographer assistant, beauty editorial
  • Vincent Fournier (Paris): retoucher
  • Gallois Montbrun et Fabiani (Paris) : agency production assistant, 2nd set assistant for Sarah Moon
  • Le Petit Oiseau Va Sortir (Paris) : set assistant, advertising campaigns (fashion, beauty, still life)
  • Gérard Laethem, Studio Gala (Corse): photographer assistant, lifestyle and beauty for Docteur Pierre Ricaud
  • Céline et Fabrice Rault (Nantes) : photographer assistant, portraits
  • Argentic et Numéric Production (Nantes) : postproduction assistant, e-commerce and food photography
  • Festival Les Utopiales (Nantes) : conferences about live action role-playing game photography
  • Festival In’Cadaqués (Espagne) : preparation, mounting and installation of the 30 exhibitions


  • 2017 – 2020 : Bachelor degree in photography, Gobelins l’école de l’image (Paris, France)
  • 2014 – 2016 : BTS in photography, SEPR (Lyon, France)