What is Asynchron?
More than a Pulp Magazine, it’s a homage, souvenir of a future so often imagined in literature and cinema, yet so rarely used in photography. Asynchron is a continuation of the photographic work started the last few years at Gobelins, l’école de l’image.

As it was at the beginnings of pulp magazines, almost a century ago, this is a grouping of excerpts. Asynchron adapts to today’s world and offers itself a new identity by the utilization of photographs as the main narrative tool, along with other media like music, video, illustration, etc. If the idea and design have emerged in the mind of the photographer Lauréline Reynaud, Asynchron took shape collectively, each of the talents adding their own inspirations and strengths.

This n°0 calls The Communication as the theme, in its different meanings: language, tools and distance especially. To accompany your reading, a soundtrack is available. The composer NONC invites us to follow him in his own interpretation of the images and the term communication.